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NEW A.S.A.P. 4.2 version

The CSAPP Application is a new valuable tool in the fight against prescription drug abuse and diversion

RxDataTrack Controlled Substance Automated Prescription Program is an electronic database and reporting tool which collects designated data on controlled substances dispensed in any specified State. Designed with the utmost flexibility to meet the needs of all regulatory agencies, RxDataTrack CSAPP can be housed by a statewide regulatory, administrative or law enforcement agency OR hosted and managed on your behalf. This NEW product is able to operate in real time allowing for better decision making by Prescribers and Dispensers and more efficient use in drug diversion intervention efforts. RxDataTrack CSAPP gives instant access to data for state authorized individuals - Prescribers, Dispensers, Investigators and Law Enforcement.

The benefits of RxDataTrack CSAPP:

  • Support access to legitimate medical use of controlled substances

  • Identify and deter or prevent drug abuse and diversion

  • Facilitate and encourage the identification, intervention with and treatment of persons addicted to prescription drugs

  • Inform public health initiatives through outlining of use and abuse trends

  • Educate individuals about PDMPs and the use, abuse and diversion of and addiction to prescription drugs

Mahantech Corporation 405 Capitol Street, Suite 101 Charleston, WV, US 25301 +1 304-720-2246

Data Collection Capability

  • Collect data on all controlled substances schedules
  • Latest ASAP reporting standard
  • Collect data on nonscheduled drugs implicated in abuse
  • Collect ID for the person picking up prescriptions
  • Collect data on method of payment
  • Reduce interval to real-time data collection
  • Improve data quality: compliance, error, and missing data correction

Data Linking and Analysis

  • Cross Link records for reliable identification of individuals
  • Criteria for questionable activity
  • Analyses of possible questionable activity
  • Conduct analyses for surveillance, early warning, evaluation, and prevention
  • Record data on prescriber disciplinary status and patient lock-ins

User Access Report and Dissemination

  • Continuous online access and automated reports
  • Reporting designed to fit user needs
  • Capability to integrate PDMP reports with health information exchanges, electronic health records, and pharmacy dispensing systems
  • Ability to send unsolicited reports and alerts to appropriate users
  • Streamlined enrollment processing
  • Provide Delegate access
  • Connectivity to interstate data sharing among PDMP's