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547016257RxDataTrack’s CSAPP
Prescription Program data is displayed in real time, making it easy for pharmacists and prescribers to accurately assess a patient’s risk of medication abuse – instant and accurate patient data.

CSAPP the State’s best tool for managing controlled substance prescriptions. The state requires a dispenser who delivers a controlled substance or drug of concern to report that dispensing. We developed this leading edge tool to make information from the database available to healthcare professionals who are seeking to improve patient care and patient safety.

Individual professionals are allowed access to data for limited purposes: prescribers and dispensers can access the prescription history data to help determine appropriate medical treatment and interventions, but only to further the provision of medical or pharmaceutical care to a patient. Additionally, the data can either help identify patients who could benefit from being referred to a pain-management specialist or help who are at risk for addiction and may be in need of substance abuse treatment.

How It Works

  1. We could start by focusing on the statistics of prescription drug abuse drug diversion and all the social and political impacts. However the focus of our products are on providing you the best possible tools in the industry to affect how prescription drugs are controlled and managed.
  2. The primary goal has to be that the data is available to make the correct decisions. You need to know that all dispensers are reporting in a timely manner and reporting with accuracy.
  3. RxDataTrack is specifically designed with this in mind it operates in a real-time environment so that, state rules permitting, data is displayed within minutes of the prescription being filled.
  4. You can be assured that there are no gaps in the data and that the dispenser community is accurately reporting for each day that they dispense prescriptions.
  5. Our checks and balances and many and varied and allow for program administrators to monitor all aspects of the program at the website. The second focus is the ease of use for the primary users: prescribers and dispensers. These both need to have a fast and accurate way of reviewing patient prescription information.
  6. Security, since we are dealing with HIPPA protected data. Security is paramount you need to know who is accessing what patient data and when. We firmly believe that state personnel should be the only persons in charge of this data and it should not be given out to third parties without a very strong and firm sense of security and data integrity. To that end we have a secure API to allow interfaces with third parties which means that we can securely allow access to data through nontraditional means but still with a high degree of audit capability.
  7. Finally the system should be self managing in that day-to- day administration should not be overwhelming to the prescription management program operators. They should be there to give oversight to the program but permit the maximum time for a more investigative role.RxDataTrack/CSAPP is based upon the latest technology advances it also offers the most flexible platform for any prescription management program. It runs on a SQL12 platform with Microsoft Dot Net technologies. It is designed in a MODULAR format so that it can be customized to meet any state requirements and as those requirements change there is maximum flexibility so that updates and modifications can be made at short notice. Unlike much software for products which require waiting until the next version comes out if the market dictates the change can be made in a matter of hours.

Why RxDataTrack/CSAPP?

  • RxDataTrack/CSAPP maintains a 99.75% uptime.
  • RxDataTrack/CSAPP is supported 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year
  • States need a prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) that allows them to rapidly and efficiently collect prescription data from dispensers throughout the state and analyze this data to detect abuse.
  • RxDataTrack / CSAPP is the best solution. A Web-based program that provides for the collection, analysis, and reporting of information on the prescribing, dispensing, and use of prescription drugs.
  • Our application analyzes the Dispensers data and delivers immediate, accurate and informative reports for administrators, prescribers, dispensers, and law enforcement officials. Users can review statistics in a variety formats.
  • The Web based design provides browser-based access and allows state agencies to create and maintain user credentials for secured areas of the site.
  • RxDataTrack offers a vast array of investigative reports. It allows extensive searching and custom reporting capabilities including almost 100 basic management reports.
  • RxDataTrack tracks program usage through a comprehensive audit trail. This allows the adminstrative state agency to monitor user access to information.

Reporting safeguards – after all if Rx’s are not reported then PMP has no value

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